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How Rich People Convert Stress into Success


Before we begin, I’d just like to mention that it’s been proven that everyone on earth is capable of resolving stress. The result of that is a happier life and healthier body. You’ll lose weight in the process too.

Stress is a killer
Stress is a killer

So…my father is a very successful orthodontist and businessman. He runs a villa resort, an orthodontics clinic, invests in real estate, and he also finds time to collect paintings and art works. Obviously, he juggles quite a bit of things at once. One day when I was crazily stressed out and was having a shitty temper day, he found the perfect timing to explain to me why all these years, I’ve never seen him stressed. It’s true, I’ve actually never seen him stressed. He’s always on top of things, and he’s always been the shoulder for everyone around him.

So, he started telling me that the way he handles stress is by actually just…handling everything that he needs to do immediately! He told me a simple truth, and it’s that people start stressing out because they keep holding off stuff they are supposed to do. And when things you’re supposed to do slowly pile up, you start feeling the stress. Dad is different. When he thinks of something he needs to do, he does it right away. That way, he is doing everything possible to get things done, even if it’s not immediately done. No matter how big of a problem you are tackling, you can always break it down to tackle things one at a time.

When you feel stress, everything just starts to get a lot more annoying. It’s like a fractional multiplier in your life that makes everything shittier than it is. Stress also makes you gain weight, lose your hair, and get cancer (it’s the culprit of cancer). When you feel stressful, your body body becomes sick and starts to deteriorate. It’s true. Stress is the worst sickness.

So, why do people put things off? 
1. You are afraid that you cannot complete the task.
2. You are lazy and want to procrastinate. Procrastinators.
3. It’s something you don’t have the power to influence or change.

And, the truth is that all the reasons above are a result of FEAR. The first reason is pretty self explanatory. And for the 2nd reason, people usually hold things off because they are afraid of facing an immediate challenge, so they choose to procrastinate. The 3rd reason is that you are afraid to look deeper into the problem which you are trying to solve. If you are willing to look into the problem, then you will discover ways to break down the problem into smaller things you can tackle on one by one (Circle of influence vs. circle of concern). Deal with things you have power over right now, and leave the stuff you can only be concerned about till later.

Circle of Influence vs. Circle of Concern
From The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

So, since you keep procrastinating because of fear, if you can resolve fear, then that’s also the way to eliminate stress. And the key to resolving fear, *drum roll* is to intentionally face it and embrace it.

Do an exercise now. Think about something that you know you should do, but have been putting it off because of fear. It may be that you need to start charging your customers, you need to learn how to program, you need to email a famous person, or you want to ask the love of your life to marry you. Whatever it is, you’ve been putting it off because you are afraid to carry on with it.

Now that you have that list in mind, adjust your mentality to embrace it. Re-program yourself to embrace and actually really wanting to do it. Know that facing the things you fear in life will give you the most rewards in life. You desire that shit. Okay you get the idea. So facing your fears and intentionally going head-on and solving it first will make your life a stressful and fruitful one.

Fear your fears
Face your damn fears

Now you know the mechanisms of how stress creeps into your life. Take control of your fears, and you will live a happier and more prosperous life. (sounding very much like Confucius)

PS. Also, it’s been proven that if you change your mentality about stress, your body will become healthier, and you will lose some weight in the process too. You will just generally be a better person, physically and mentally.