Stage: Grow to a Million Users (Growth Hacking)

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In this section:

1. You will learn about the best acquisition channels and Growth Hacks to help you get users to your website. Repeatedly.

2. You will find great resources and tools to help you master the art of Growth Hacking.

Note: The channels or tricks you see here might not all be applicable for your startup or situation. However, see them as great examples to help you deduce equivalents that are suitable to your specific situation.

The hardest part of starting up a business is actually growing it. The building part is relatively easy, but trying to get your product distributed and shared are the harder things to do. Growth is so substantial that Paul Graham of YCombinator would equate startups to growth ("Startup = Growth" - Paul Graham - YC expects you to grow 5-7% a week - a good way to set growth goals for your startup). Most companies fail not because they fail to build a compelling or useful product, but because they were not able to distribute their products into the hands of their target customers.

However, remember that if you are not able to convert your visitors into users and get tem to actually use your service (Activation), you shouldn't think about getting more users (Acquisition).

If your signup conversion rate is very low (like 1%-5%), spend more time and optimize your landing page, product usability, and value delivery to optimize Activation so that you wouldn't be depleting your pool of potential users by getting too many users all at once.

If your conversion rate is 10%, and you are get 1000 users, this means you would have gained 100 new users. If your conversation rate is 1%, and you get 1000 users, then you'd only get 10 users. Quite a waste huh?

Growth Hacking (Recommended - Mattan Griffel has some great growth hacking tips. A lot of hacks on this page are also based on learnings from him) is a relatively new term that was popularized recently. It is basically all the tricks and ways to get users virally - without spending money. It's also called Lean Marketing. 

Viral growth happens when you establish consistent user acquisition channels that keep bringing you new users or when you create referral/social features on your website that brings you referred users.

Viral Growth
Thanks Mattan Griffel for the Viral Growth Poster

In this section, we will focus on optimizing Acquisition and Referral part of the AARRR metrics. we will share all the most updated tips and tricks that successful startups have pulled off. Also, most of the hacks in this stage are taken or derived from success stories and case studies.

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