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Cheaper than other crowdfunding platforms. 5% Amplified social reach through some advanced tech. Aid in creating community. - Cheaper more advanced crowd funding for the Arts.

Enhanced Social Reach
3 Times more reach on Facebook
The Arts and Entertainment in Canada contributed 86 billion to the Canadian economy in 2007 alone. Howerver Artists, in all sectors, know Government Arts Funding is getting harder and harder to get. Artists feel trapped. We need a Crowd-funding platform for all the Arts in Canada. A way for interested parties to participate in the creative process and artists to fulfill their dreams. We created a unique crowd-funding solution that partners with existing Governmental Arts Funding Bodies. is unique in that it includes a community networking system for collaboration on works and projects, among artists, that can also be crowd funded or crowd sourced in the future through our system. Unlike other platforms only takes 5% of the total raised on any project. Partnering with (Canada’s most established Crowdfunding platform), is unique in our social reach amplification. We have access to superior crowd funding amplification through the latest crowd speaking platforms and through, 3x more visibility on Facebook and social networks. Crowd amplification is a smart companion for any crowdfunding project. Think about it: your most loyal supporters are willing to donate money to fund your project. Those same supporters will likely want to donate their social reach to spread the word.! The newest Crowdfunding platform that creates community and harnesses the power of social reach.! For the love of the Arts!


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