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Write, Be Read, Get Published, Make Money

Discover great authors, be discovered

Higher sale price for indi writers
Possibility of discovering new talent for readers
Branding of indi writers
Community driven publishing
Early involvement of readers and writers (beta readers)
Higher royalties for writers
Amazon, B&N, and others have made easy to publish books online. This avalanche of new titles is good for the aggregators, who benefit from sales in the long tale of the distribution channel, but bad for the authors, who see their work lost among millions of undifferentiated indi books. This creates a lemon market for independently published books, where the prices are pressured down (99 US cents). The traditional publishing model is cracking in the areas of distribution and marketing, as these areas can be now taken care of by the authors themselves in Amazon, using freelance services like fiver for the ebook creation, etc. However, they still provide value in terms of branding. A book by a traditional publishing house carries a premium that is related, not necessarily to the quality of the work, but to the promise of a certain standard. Millenium Publishing will provide the branding and marketing support that the independent writers are lacking and help great works stand out in the crowd. We will provide the quality, buzz, and early discovery by connecting authors with critics and readers early in the creation process, and providing authors with a safe place where to polish their craft until their are ready to publish.


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