What's up with StartitUp?

What is StartitUp?

StartitUp is a startup guide with step-by-step action items and tasks to help a startup go from idea, to product, to traction, and to funding - with an integrated startup community that will help you get feedback for your startup.

Why should I use StartitUp?

We consolidate the best startup knowledge from experts like Ash Maurya (Running Lean), Eric Ries (Lean Startup), Steve Blank (Customer Development), and tricks from Growth Hacking, Content Marketing, SEO - and turn them into actionable tasks that you can complete to see immediate results for your startup. We make all those action items interactive and help you learn Lean Startup in a paced and straight-forward fashion.

Why did we create it?

Being a first-time entrepreneur makes it very daunting to know what you should do to build a solid startup. We've been there, done that, so we know that as first-timers, the hardest part is not knowing the answers, but is not knowing what to even ask.

As seasoned entrepreneurs, even we find it frustrating to have to reference back to our notes, bookmarks, or books to remind ourselves what to do next. Furthermore, startup information expires quickly, and we need a better framework to keep our chops updated. Therefore, we consolidated all the best knowledge around the world and converted them into your Ultimate Startup Guide.

Our goal and mission is to help entrepreneurs around the world succeed and live happier lives doing things they are passionate about.

Why are you qualified to write this guide?

Ed has had a couple of years of mentoring startups, from startups in their idea stage, to startups who's already seeing 100,000 unique users/month. Most importantly - Ed was able to help them build and grow.

This guide follows the best practices of the Lean Startup Methodology, combined with teachings of Growth Hacking, Content Marketing, SEO, and Ed's personal experiences and knowledge.

What makes StartitUp's guide so "Ultimate"?

We follow the Lean Startup methodology strictly, which we think is the best startup methodology. We make it sweeter by adding in additional growh hacking content so that not only we give you great information to build, you get all the knowledge to get your early adopters and users - which is exactly what makes a startup...well, a successful startup. Build and grow!

Therefore, in short, without you having to look anywhere else, we have here a one-stop-shop for every piece of action item you would need to succeed. PS: We use the guide ourselves, and we have grown quite nicely.

Team StartitUp


Edward Liu

Hustler/Hacker, Mentor, Lean Startup, Growth Hacking, Content Marketing, SEO.

Founder of Swagly.com (Techcrunch)
CEO of National Division at Groupon Taiwan.

Movies, geek tech, eating.


Yitao Sun

Hacker (Ruby on Rails), contributor to open source projects (Sphinx2/3, OpenSALT, etc.).

Lead Developer at Computer Associates
CS at Carnegie Mellon.

Basketball, games, Katy Perry/Adele.



Ash Maurya

Founder of Spark59 and Running Lean

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