Section 1: Introduction - The Fundamentals
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More than 90% of startups fail, which is the biggest reason why you should learn about The Lean Startup Methodology. In this section, we introduce the Lean Startup Methodology and why it's so powerful. We also share with you some solid basics of building a successful startup.

Section 2: Validate Your Idea
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Validating your idea will maximize the chance of success for your startup. In this section, you will find out how to find a perfect solution for a real problem that troubles a sizable population. 

Section 3: Build Your Product
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Not technical? No problem! In this section, we offer you solid advice on building your idea into a real business and how you can get some early adopters to give you feedback - or learn how to code in a month.

Section 4: Grow Users and Get Funded
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After you have built an amazing product and have validated that it is indeed able to deliver your solution successfully, it is time to get more users! In this section, we will offer you proven user growth methods from successful startups' case studies and Growth Hacking experts.

Section 5: Bonus Stages
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Looking to land an investment with a VC? We have a pitch template derived from Techstars to help you land that funding. Looking to incorporate? We also give you some simple advice on how you can get started on that.