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Daniel Travers


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The only all-in-one, style-centric and tech-enabled home remodeling platform.

Curativly - Making Spaces Home

Tech-User-friendly, interactive VR & AR Room Configuration
Shipping - Aggregated shipping for easy One Shipment to customer
Payment - Financing as the primary payment tool
Curativly empowers the mainstream homeowner to develop and execute optimal, custom-tailored home improvement solutions. The comprehensive online platform represents an innovative fusion of multichannel retailer, robust design tool, and trusted information resource. Employing leading-edge artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology, Curativly enables mass audiences to draw upon foremost professional expertise throughout multiple aspects of the home improvement process. The platform helps ensure that each room configuration is stylistically cohesive, aesthetically appealing, and functionally sound, and that the various components are compatible and suitable for the space. The ability to preview the end-result reduces the uncertainty and financial risk assumed by the homeowner. As a retailer, Curativly offers an exhaustive selection of fixtures, materials and furnishings, from multiple manufacturers, that have been objectively vetted – curated – by leading experts. The shopping experience is seamless and efficient. The homeowner assembles and purchases the room scene as a complete package. Delivery, assembly and installation occur on the same day. The consumer pays a single fee for the entire bundle of products, delivery and installation, and consumer financing is available for the total expenditure. By combining preeminent design expertise and curated product selection with groundbreaking technology, Curativly compensates for the mainstream consumer’s knowledge and financial resource limitations, helping to ensure optimal home improvement outcomes.


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