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We believe that every startup deserves a fair chance to get the right advice from mentors that have the proven experience, the willingness to give back, and the knowledge to do so!

Heroic Rhino - Startup mentoring for ambitious founders

Access to vital strategic experience
Gain a powerful market position
Get objective supervision
Create life-changing value
Boost your business performance
Attract potential CXO's and investors
Heroic Rhino™ makes it way easier for ambitious startup founders to team up with highly skilled and experienced business mentors. Heroic Rhino™ is a Copenhagen based startup accelerator company with global intentions. In the entangled jungle that is the global startup community, Heroic Rhino™ is on a mission to pave the way for founders to identify the best mentor talent out there! By building successful and long-lasting founder/mentor relations, we are set on strengthening the startup community. Professional mentoring of startup companies is at the core of what we provide. By doing so, we ensure that founders increase their chances of creating successful and agile companies in an ever-changing global market. We are driven by a tremendous passion for business development and are eager to be a global catalyst for entrepreneurial success. By creating a platform to identify the best mentors for your startup business, we are on track to change the nature of how founders build successful companies.


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