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Looking for cannabis businesses for sale or to sell a cannabis business? We have you covered. 420 Property is the world’s largest cannabis & hemp real estate marketplace. #1 source for cannabis & hemp real estate & business listings, financing, insurance, professional services, and more. Legalized cannabis and hemp have created a new type of real estate user. Cannabis & hemp cultivation’s have absorbed warehouse and land space; medical dispensaries/ cooperatives, and recreational retail stores are now occupying prime storefronts. One of the many challenges, that professionals in the cannabis industry face, is the ability to obtain the facilities, financing, and services that are necessary to operate or grow their enterprise. Launched in 2016, 420 Property aims to eliminate these challenges by serving as the most comprehensive cannabis and hemp real estate marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with real estate listing data and professional resources that can help them grow. Search for real estate or business listings, list availabilities, locate '420 friendly' real estate professional.


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