Paradise Interrupted

Forming and Playing Teams, for caches can be a lot of fun, as well as very worthwhile. In games such as this, depending on the size and strengths of your team, everyone has the opportunity to shine, using their gifted abilities, as a unit; to hide or find items and objects, for various levels of gameplay, to make a Networks objectives and task, more interesting, as well as adventurous.


Entertainment & Physical Fitness




Darren Jackson


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Simulataneous Gaming & Exercise

We have many in-game issues that we have purposed for your gameplay enjoyment. For example; many factions and fraternities have arisen, directly associated with Corporate Enterprises and Governments, but carefully hidden. There sole ambition is to recruit young aggressive entrepreneurs, like yourselves. Don't be fooled by the glamour and Glitter of lavish Cars and nice Clothes. Be aware that there is extensive training involved, your life will not be the same. Headhunters for these large outfits will approach you where you Live, College Campuses, and even Church. The pay is excellent, but you should know there is a level of life threatening hazard when Caching at this exact. Caching at this stage is the tantamount of a super spy. There are many rumors floating around within the Geocaching World, of G.I.A.'s (Geocaching Initiative Agents), some double agents; performing Black Ops for High Stakes Finds, that are just not G.I. Regulation. In otherwords, by participating in such outlaw Cache exercises, you're no longer playing a game; it just got real for you, and by doing this you are considered one who has gone off the radar or compass, if you will. Many players have been hunted down and killed by Internal Operatives, who work directly for these huge Organizations. It is said this is done to make sure those who have involved themselves in this form of Caching; never speak to anyone about what they have been doing; especially if you fail a mission. Avid players who are aware of this dark side of Geocaching, refer to it as, "Do or Die!

We are a fun place of business. Which means we enjoy ourselves to such a high degree, when it come to Live Outdoor Geocaching and Online Cloud Based Geocaching Gameplay, that one can become so overwhelmed, that they may not be able to contain themselves. Such convivial can cause some to become so moved, that they may be driven into an fractious state; beside oneself, even; resulting in uncontrollable breakdancing. The Geocaching Initiative is an High Tech Game of Hide and Seek, it is our goal to combine good exercise with great digital gameplay, serving our viewers and players up, with the most vivid next generation graphics available, for all devices, as well as the most fun filled, thrilling and adventurous Outdoor game, available. So weather you choose an Live Outdoor Game, or an Online Cloud Based Game, you wont be limited to one or the other; because from time to time, you just may be asked; to do both. The stakes can be very high, and the requirements can be so demanding, in any game mode, pushing you or your cadres to disparate limits. But you have to keep your cool at all times, and become abreast of yourself. So be very careful, or you might just enjoy yourself.