Refic Environment Communications Incorporation

Refic Environment Communications Incorporated is An Environment Systems Solutions Company. We work with clean technology experts and manufacturers to bring customized solutions to the satisfaction of our clients with environment problems. Planning is our core activity and this is the strength of our project development and management company. We consult for our clients to help achieve their will with innovation. When making informed choices is a need, Refic understands that clean technology is the key to environment safety. We utilize proper communication channels to market clean technology. Our disruptive marketing provides our clients, be it end users or front line manufacturers a conduit to interact with environment B2B systems . It matter to us if your company’s interest is to create a niche market , reach hidden niche markets or to show a strong presence in the Environment Sanitation market, Renewable energy, and management of Municipal Solid Waste,Front end recycling and waste to energy projects. Our team ensures that a merger of all creates desired results and does so by designing environment communications strategy suitable to meet that need.


Clean technology




Nkemdirim Ojiegbe


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Renewable Energy Clean Technology tours,Enhanced environment sanitation projects (Africa Only),Urban mining with front end recycling,back end clean energy.

Environment System Solutions with complete custom innovation

We help our end user clients get to the right technology required to mitigate environment systems dysfunction. Refic creates the bridge to match specific environment problems with complete innovation. We align clean technology solutions and machinery. Thorough channels are targeted to satisfy end user clients. We also, provide manufacturers with links to seal the market.


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