Wishlist4People Lean Canvas


People desire their wishes come true. It's hard to find somebody (man or company) who can fulfill wishes.

Local merchants and service providers has no platform to make known they can do for customers, with instant local and social reach to other potential customers.

Existing Alternative

Facebook pages

Foursquare business pages

Amazon affiliate



Simple mobile app for making wishes and their fulfillment by the people/companies.

Simple mobile platform for merchants and service providers to able them fulfill peoples' wishes, just by selling products and providing services (or giving discounts/gifts).

Unique Value Proposition

Instantly get new customers by simple fulfillment of their wishes.

High Value Concept

Where wishes come true

Unfair Advantage

We know peoples wishes.

Customer Segments

Smartphone users 18+ in US
Facebook and Twitter users 18+ in US

Early Adopters

C2C - Smartphone users with facebook account

B2C - local merchants in US

Key Metrics

Number of wishes
Number of fulfilled wishes
Number of paid wishes
Number of fulfilled paid wishes
Retency of users

Outbound Channel

E-mail marketing
Cold call
Press release

Inbound Channel


Cost Structure

Hosting: Amazon $ 100 / month
Domains: $ 200 / year
Wages: $ 2500 / month
Marketing: $ 1000 / month

Revenue Streams

Merchants access

$25 / month
Lean Canvas is adapted from The Business Model Canvas (BusinessModelGeneration.com) and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Un-ported License.