Task: Who are your potential customers?

Required Question

Who are your users? Write 1-8 different types, and each on their own line.


Who are your customers? Write 1-8 different types, and each on their own line.

It's important to realize that users are not necessarily customers. For exampe, Facebook and Linkedin has a bunch of users on their services, but the only ones that are paying are the corporations.

Also, your customer is not "everyone". If you are building a social network, your target cannot be everybody. Every startup starts with a niche target audience that will be your best early adopters. The early adopters are the ones that needs your solution the most. These are the people that will deal with the flaws and bugs of your service and also tell their friends about your service. Therefore, you should build your solution for these early adopters.

Imagine if Starbucks started out with a tens of different kinds of coffee selections on their menu with only a few of them tasting okay. They probably wouldn't have become so prominent now. The point here is to do 1 thing really well first, for 1 niche audience. You can build additional features in the future to appeal to a bigger audience.

Case Study: Facebook not only started out in Harvard, they started out with the students of several targeted dormitories. He then later rolled this out to other dorms, the whole school, the other Ivy League schools, and the rest is history.

Niche Market

Example of Users (StartitUp):

Entrepreneurs in their 20s-30s

Wantrepreneurs in their 20s to 30s

Example of Customers (StartitUp):

Incubators in the US

Accerelators in the US

Online tool providers