Task: Discover Your Competitors' Marketing Strategy


Now lets find out about your competitor's marketing/keyword strategy.

1. Go to the 1st competitor's website, on each of the page, mouse right click, and click on "View Source."

2. After that, see if there is a line that starts with this: <Meta name="keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2, keyword3,...">. If there isn't, it's okay, just go on to the next competitor's website.

3. The keywords after "content=" tells you what keywords a competitor is targeting. This will also help you verify whether the keywords you've chosen prior to this step are correct.

4. Repeat for 2 other URLs.

5. Check more competitor websites to gather more keywords.

Meta Keywords

Required Question

Write down (or copy and paste) all those keywords that you have found. We will use these keywords for later use.

Examples (StartitUp):

start a startup, start a business, start a company, build a website, build a successful business, build your own company, launch a startup, launch your own company

The best way to find the keywords for your service is by observing your competitors. You can even use some SEO tools like Wordtracker, SEOmoz, and Spyfu to find out who is linking back to their website, so you can follow the same linking strategy - ask the linking websites to link to your website too (since they were willing to do it for your competitors). We'll get to that in the later stages on why you should do that, and how other websites linking to your website can help increase your website's "credibility" and get new users for you.

These keywords are super valuable, because your competitors most likely have done customer development, spent money on advertising, and understand how your customers think, and what keywords trigger their buying emotions. These keywords will also help you understand specifically which customer segment they are targeting. Knowing a company's targeted keywords is like knowing their marketing strategy outline.

Studies show that customers think with keywords. While a customer might get excited seeing a term like "Get fit in 3 weeks" doesn't mean he'll get excited by "Lose weight fast!". The reason is because the real motivation for this buyer might not be losing weight, but to get fit. So you can see how different and similar keywords can seem to each person.