Task: Complete your Lean Canvas

In this section:

1. You will fill out your Lean Canvas. It should already be partially filled out because we automagically fill out the Lean Canvas with the answers you've inputted in earlier tasks. Magic!

2. The Lean Canvas will help you get you understand every aspect of your business. The strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities.

The Lean Canvas, proposed by Ash Maurya, is a modified version of Alexander Oswalder's Business Model Canvas. It's definitely the best business planning tool. It will help you get all the components you should have in a 50 page business plan into 1 clean page. Thanks to Ash Maurya! Also, a big usage of the Lean Canvas is to also easily allow people to understand what you are doing, and give you feedback. It effectively replaces the traditional business plan.

Nowadays many incubators will request you to fill one out as well. We would definitely suggest you to fill it out, as it will magically help you connect all the dots, and understand more about your project.

Hopefully all our tasks from the previous stages have helped you think through most of the sections on the lean canvas.The board will help you think through your whole business. It's okay that you do not have answers for some of the sections for now. You can keep updating it when you figure out more about your business.


Go to back to your dashboard and go view your Lean Canvas. If you've filled out most fields from the beginning, most of it should already be filled out for you. Try to fill in the rest of the canvas as well as you can.