Task: Hosting

After you are done with developing your website or your mobile app, you will need a server to host your files on the internet. In this section, we will help you choose a good hosting service to get you started.

There are different kinds of hosts. There are shared hosting, VPS (virtual private servers), dedicated servers, and cloud servers.

If you have not already found a shared hosting in an earlier section, please consider the different options below:

Shared Hosting - as low as $2/month - The easiest and cheapest one to set up, where they have the environment set up for you, and you only need to upload your website in able to start hosting it. In this case, you usually share the same computer with many other users. The downside is that the resources or security of your server isn't always optimal.

Some shared hosting providers also let you download and set up scripts on the fly. You could also just sign up, and put up a storefront right after you start your subscription.

Some popular shared hosts:

  1. iPage ($1.99)
  2. JustHost ($2.95)
  3. GoDaddy ($1.99)
  4. Fatcow ($3.15)
  5. WebHostingHub ($3.95),
  6. BlueHost ($4.95)
  7. InMotion ($4.17)
  8. HostGator ($3.96)
  9. GreenGeeks ($4.95)
  10. HostMonster ($3.95)

VPS (virtual private server) - roughly $20/month -  is one where a server or a computer is partitioned and you share the computer with few others. Usually you will need to administer the server yourself and will require a certain level of linux experience. If you want more flexibility, but do not want the cost associated with dedicated servers or the complexity of cloud servers, then this is the best choice. 

Some popular VPS: 

  1. Linode (this is what we are using)
  2. Slicehost
  3. Prgmr
  4. Rackspace

Read the comparison between them: http://uggedal.com/journal/vps-performance-comparison/

Dedicated Servers - roughly $139+/month - You get the whole server to yourself at a higher price. While this option does give you 100% control, it is not very necessary unless if you have a lot of users on your server initially. We do not recommend this to begin with.

Cloud Servers (AWS - Amazon Web Services, etc.) - ~$62.05/month - This option is the most flexibility and scalable way of building your service. However, not all services require this kind of infrastructure. The cloud allows you to quickly increase and decrease server resources and you are billed for how much you use and not by a monthly basis. This method also gives you security from hacker attacks, but is the most difficult to set up and is not very friendly for users who have had no experience with servers.