Stage: Awesome Tools to Help You Build Quickly

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In this section:

1. You will learn to build a great website.

2. You will learn about the resources and tools to help you build even if you have no tech background. Some of them are as easy as drag and drop!

Learning how to code and build something has always been very hard. However, building a website or app these couple of years have become increasingly easy - thanks to all the new awesome technologies and tools that were built to help you build a product in the matter of days, instead of weeks or months. In this section, we'll share some of our favorite tools like Wordpress and other open source software we've used in the past, to help you get started.

If you want to build from scratch, you can create any first "working" version of your website or mobile app using Ruby on Rails + Bootstrap (HTML+CSS) + jQueryRuby on Rails is also very simple to learn or use this Rails TutorialBootstrap makes it super easy to build out a beautiful interface with modular CSS code approach. You can also post your question in StartitUp's Community to getsome help. StackOverflow is a question and answers website for coders that makes it insanely easy to get help for your coding needs.

Also, since the time needed to learn or build something definitely cannot be measured in minutes. Therefore, take the time-required is just the time needed to fully absorb the information.  

If you need to talk to someone about how to program, email me: ed@startitupco

We're also in the process of working with external partners to help you build. Stay tuned!