Task: Ways to measure - Analytics

Using analytics, we recommend Google AnalyticsMixpanel, or KISSMetrics, you can track the behavior of all of your customers. You can basically find out every information about them. You can see how many visits you had on your page on any given day. You can see where your users came from, and which channels gave you the most users. You can also see how much time your users are spending on your website. You can see which buttons on your website are pressed, and which are not. You'll also see how many users are returning users, and how many of them are new.

You can also track a users' tracks on your website to see if they are actually using the main features, what they are using and they are not, and which page are they leaving from.

Analytics tools will give us all the information we need to tweak our product into a better one.

Web/Social Customer Analytics Tools

  1. Google Analytics – web analytics and optimizer from the borg
  2. Kissmetrics– actionable analytics
  3. GetClicky – real-time web analytics
  4. Swix – analytics for social media and online
  5. Leadlander – marketing automation analytics
  6. Seomoz – SEO and social monitoring
  7. Wordtracker – find the best keywords and links
  8. Serpico – monitor your competition, backlinks & rankings
  9. Chart.io - easy analytics for business data
  10. Mixpanel– real-time event tracking
    1. Mixpanel Analytics Tutorials
  11. DigMyData – analytics dashboard for sales, email, social and ad marketing
  12. Crazyegg– visualize analytics
  13. Mint – site analytics
  14. Visistat – web analytics measure marketing campaigns
  15. Webtrends – analytics and segments
  16. Chartbeat – website analytics for doers
  17. Kontagent – user analytics for the social and mobile web
  18. Forsee – web, mobile, social, contact center analytics
  19. Woopra – real time customer and visitor analytics
  20. Comscore – ad agency/enterprise analytics
  21. StatsMix – track and display internal & web metrics
  22. Keylines – amazing email visualization tool (Palantir for the rest of us)
  23. Ducksboard – very cool way to measure any online metrics
  24. Cyfe – monitor social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support
  25. Mention – media and social monitoring
  26. Geckoboard – widget-driven business dashboard
  27. Grappster – dashboard for your cloud apps
  28. Leftronic – dashboard for real-time analytics
  29. PirateMetrics – track acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue
  30. Recon.io – Twitter brand monitoring
  31. WhosTalkin - Social Media Search tool
  32. Diffbot – identify and extract from any web page (stealth search engine!)

Mobile App Store Customer Analytics / Ad Platform

  1. Google Analytics - for Mobile
  2. AppAnnie – Apple/Google/Amazon app store analytics
  3. Appfigures – mobile analytics and sales data
  4. Mopapp – mobile analytics, sales data, rankings
  5. Distimo - Apple/Google/Amazon app store analytics
  6. Xylogics – search engine for Apple/Google/Amazon app store
  7. Apptrace – app store intelligence
  8. AskingPoint – mobile analytics with polling
  9. Flurry - mobile app analytics and traffic acquisition
  10. TestFlight – IOS analytics in beta testing on the fly
  11. Apsalar - mobile apps analytics & ads
  12. Count.ly - multiplatform mobile analytics
  13. KeenIO - analytics as an API
  14. Capptain - mobile analytics + push
  15. TapStream - Marketing analytics for apps

Video Analysis Tools

  1. Tracker – way cool video analysis tool