Task: Push stories to all channels at once

Important Action

Sign up to HootSuite, and install their Chrome Plugin.

Important Action

Set up your Twitter account, your Facebook account, and your Linkedin account to HootSuite.

Important Action

Auto-schedule a story using Hootsuite. This function allows Hootsuite to automatically push stories out at the best time possible.

Hootsuite is an awesome social marketing tool that makes social marketing so easy and efficient. It allowed you to push updates to multiple channels at once, so you don't need to update each of the platforms separately. It also allows you to schedule your updates so that you get the maximum exposure.

There's more - you can also monitor your stories and see how many of them gets retweeted, liked, mentioned, etc. So with the data they give you, you can see which strategies worked and which didn't, so that you can tweak, tweak, and tweak.