Task: About Page


Create an about page for your website/product.

Your about page is to provide compelling reasons to visitors to buy your product. This is an opportunity to "put a face on your product, to tell your story, and to connect with your customers." – Ash Maurya

While this page isn't read as often as your landing page, your ideal customers who really need your solution will want to learn more about your service.

A good example is Apple's iPad Mini's about page: http://www.apple.com/ipad-mini/overview/

Apple about us page

Their about page obviously is quite perfect. We just need to meet them half way there :)

The page is an about page because this page actually isn't the main landing page for the iPad mini, but an inner page that better help introducing the iPad mini.

Like a good main landing page, A good about page should also have these 3 elements:

  1. A good about page or any landing page has a lot of images.
  2. A strong headline that resonates with customers' motivations.
  3. Subheadlines then expand on the headlines to strenghten the claim.