Task: Online Advertising


Please read this section first to learn about how to optimize Google Ads: http://startitup.co/guides/514/google-adwords

If you have some budget, this is a pretty good way to give you guaranteed traffic. While this might not bring you a lot, you do this just to kick off your service to people who are interested. 

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Other great ad networks:

  1. LinkedIn Ads - This is great for B2B companies, of if you are looking for candidates
  2. Bing & Yahoo Ads - Some people have found more success with Bing and Yahoo because there is less comeptition there

Traditional Marketing Tools:

  1. Media Planning and Buying Calculators
  2. SRDS Media Buyers info - Find out about advertising rates and data

Mobile App Location / Ad Platform / Misc

  1. Placed – location based analytics for mobile apps & websites
  2. G6Pay – pay-per-install platform
  3. Burstly – mobile app monetization tools
  4. Yozio – campaign tracking & viral optimization for mobile apps
  5. Tapjoy - mobile app turnkey ad platform
  6. Appbackr - market, sell and distribute your apps
  7. Chartboost – make money with mobile games
  8. Playtomic - game analytics for all platforms
  9. Google AdMob – monitize and promote your mobile games
  10. Vungle – integrate video ads into your apps