Task: Fundamentals to building a product

Any working website that you see is divided into at least 5 parts. Those parts being:

1. Back-end Programming - Think of this as the brains of the website. The back-end programming is the language that you use to design how the website behaves. Things like what a button does, and what events are triggered after another event happens, etc. are all considered back-end progrmaming.

2.  Front-end Design - Think of this as the skin of the website. The front-end has few to none functionalities. Everything you see in the browser is a part of the front-end design.

3. Database - Every long-term data inputted into an application is saved into the database. The database is basically a data-storing table, just like an Excel sheet. The software stores and retrieves information from the database.

4. Dymanic Webpage - This component makes a website dynamic. For example, Flash and animation on a website are all considered dynamic. This part also includes components that creates special effects on the webpage. However, when we are talking about a dynamic webpage in this stage, we are basically talking about Javascript.

5. Hosting - A physical computer server that resides remotely hosts your files on the internet. The files, which contain your code, is then served through a HTTP server (basically a language translator installed on the compuer server) specific to your programming language that translates your code into another language (HTML + Javascript) that your browser can understand, which then becomes the stuff you see in your browser.