Task: Front-End Programming - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap

We're talking about HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS here. HTML is the building blocks of a website that your browser understand. It's basically markups that tells the browser whether to display a header, a block, a horizontal line, etc. CSS is coding that adds style or design to all the elements on a webpage. So if you want to make a font bigger, a padding for a box bigger, a background color for a sentence - those are all CSS.

Master HTML + CSS at W3School

Lucky for us, we now have a design framework that just makes everything brainlessly simple. Enter Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a framework that has almost all the elements of a webpage pre-made for you. You can basically just copy and paste their template code to get a beautiful world class website design. They have modularized everything so that everything is in a block of code. In fact, 80% of StartitUp's website is built using Bootstrap.

Bootstrap templateThe template above from Bootstrap is a copy and paste template. You can just go to to this page and find the template you want and your landing page is done!.

Website Design Tools

  1. Twitter Bootstrap - Twitter toolkit for development of slick, intuitive webapps and sites
  2. Google Web Fonts - open API of 613 web fonts
  3. Subtle Patterns - free tileable textured patterns
  4. iStock Photos - Royalty Free stock photos and images
  5. ColorSchemeDesigner – find complementary colors
  6. ColourLovers – share colors, palettes, and patterns
  7. Meteor - open source platform for building web apps
  8. ThemeForest - site templates cheap
  9. Scraster- Record screen and webcam. Simple editing. Perfect for screencasts or user studies
  10. Microsoft WebMatrix - Web server, database, and ASP.NET and PHP
  11. AppMakr – Mobile Ap Creator create quick mobile apps
  12. EditMe - create collaborative websites
  13. GooglePageSpeed - optimize your web pages
  14. Launchbit - online web site class for novices
  15. Zencoder – online video converting/encoding/transcoding service
  16. Google: HTML, CSS and Javascript from the Ground Up