Task: Go to events


Find events that have to do with your startup. Go there any talk to people who would be interested in your solution.

Events are great places to find co-founders, partners, mentors, and investors.

Here are some of the events you can attend to get involved in the startup community:

  1. Startup Weekend – Launch a Startup in 54 hours - One of the most popular startup meetups.
  2. Startup Weekend Next – 5 weeks to build a startup for <$300 - By Steve Blank and Startup Weekend
  3. Startup America Partnership – access to Relationships, Opportunities and Knowledge
  4. The Lean Startup Machine - Launch a Startup in 48 hours
  5. Startup Monthly – Launch a Startup in a month
  6. Startup Grind - community looking to be educated, and network with the smartest startup minds
  7. Lean Startup Circle - Google Group for startup advice
  8. LUXr – Lean UX residency
  9. Women 2.0 – Launch a startup for women
  10. Meetup – Meet people you’re interested in
  11. Top Startup Conferences (North America)