Task: Marketing Campaigns


Do an interesting marketing campaign.

Example: For StartitUp, we can do a campaign called "StartitUp in 2013!", where we work with incubators to grant startups that complete the course an opportunity for funding.

Another Example: StartitUp launches a campaign called "Startup to Make a Better World" which gives away new knowledge packages unlocked by new signups.

Marketing Campaigns are basically promotions based on holidays, seasons, or current events to attract customers. We want to do this because sometimes just asking people to do something is not enough, so you must give them a cause or reason to. 

Online Marketing Suites

  • Relead – turn website visitors into sales pipeline leads
  • HubSpot - online marketing and web analytics system
  • Eloqua – marketing automation
  • Pardot – marketing automation for multi-touch sales
  • Silverpop – end to end marketing automation
  • HipCricket – mobile marketing platform
  • Performable – personable web analytics/lifecycle marketing
  • Custora – customer retention, churn reduction, lifetime value
  • Zoho – free/cheap web customer relationship mgmt software
  • Highrise – small business CRM
  • Pipedrive – sales pipeline management
  • Zferral – affiliate and referral marketing on the web
  • Genoo – marketing automation software
  • MarketBright – marketing automation suite
  • HootSuite – social media dashboard
  • Intercom – CRM and web messaging tool for web apps
  • Salestrakr – low cost CRM
  • InviteBox – referral program platform
  • Crowdtap - Influencer Marketing platform