Task: How to increase sign-ups

It is important that we separate Acquisition and Activation. There is no point finding new channels and get new users if your website is not able to convert visitors into users. You'd just be depleting your visitor source.

Before we attempt to get more users to try out our service, we must make sure that our UVP, our solution, and our landing page are attractive. In the next section Growth Hacking, we will give you all the tricks you need to know to get more users, so don't worry.

Ways to increase sign-ups (a good conversion rate is 10%):

1. Optimize your landing page to include the right keywords or content to entice your users.

2. Improve the visual quality of your landing page.

3. A/B test your UVP message  to see what your customers can really connect to. Good value propositions hit the right emotional strings in a customer that triggers their buying motivation.

4. Include social proofs or testimonials before your users will even start to listen to what you are trying to say, you must make them trust you first.

5. Make the sign-up process easier - Perhaps make signup process informational, but still relatively frictionless. If you need to collect more information, you can ask them after they've already signed up and going through the onboarding process (we'll get to that in the next task).