Task: Pricing Page (Optional)


If you are charging for your service immediately, create a pricing page.

To build a great pricing page, refer to KISSMetric's page on how to build a good pricing page. I think they have nailed it here: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/the-best-pricing-pages/

An example plan below is one of the best ways to strategize your pricing plan. The plan below is great because it covers 3 types of different customers, and the middle one that's highlighted is the one that most people will purchase. Studies were carried out and the results shows that the highlight pricing plan always convert better. The reason is because customers like you to choose for them, and they assume that plan is the best plan.

Best Pricing Plan Page Example

So a few killer pricing tips to remember:

1. Highlight 1 option - Name the different tiers, and you can label your "main" plan with "Most Popular Plan" - This works!

2. Testing your pricing plans.

3. Keep your pricing plan above the fold (meaning the area that users can see when they open a webpage)

4. Make your plans easily comparable - the more confused your users are, the more they won't buy it.

5. Set the highest price on the left.

6. Put out a clear call-to-action - like "Start Trial Now)

7. Social Proof - You can put logos of your customers below the pricing plan to increase trust.

8. Make things dead easy - Don't include too many features that are not important, because again it'll just confuse the customers, and confusion will drive customers away.

9. Put FAQ below the pricing plan in case customers have doubt.

10. Give out 30-day free trial - and make that really clear at the top of the page. 

11. Make sure customers know they can cancel it at any time.

12. Provide a phone number, live chat, or email so that they can talk to you immediately.

13. Prices ending with 9 has higher conversion.

14. Put out extra pricing plans not to sell, but to make the plan you want them to buy relatively attractive. 

Example (this plan makes plan 2 the most attractive): plan 1: $29/month, plan2: $99/half year, plan 3: $179/year.

Must read: http://conversionxl.com/pricing-experiments-you-might-not-know-but-can-learn-from/