Stage: MVP Validation Before You Launch

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In this section:

1. Now that you have created your MVP, you can now write up a script and conduct a MVP interview with users.

2. You will be able to collect valuable feedback that will tell you whether or not you have delivered your UVP with your MVP.

3. You will turn these feedback into action items to help you refine and optimize your MVP.

Here are some platforms that can help you test your MVP -

The best thing to do is to exchange feedbacks with other users on StartitUp.

  1. Usertesting – $39 live users testing your site – cheap
  2. FiveSecondTest – fine-tune landing pages
  3. TryMyUI- watch videos of users using your site
  4. FeedbackArmy - $20 website usability testing
  5. WhatUsersDo - UK live usability testing
  6. Clicktale – watch live clicks and browsing, optimize usability
  7. Usabilla – Micro usability tests
  8. OptimalWorkshop – tool suite for remote user research
  9. Clickheat – heat map of a website (where do users click)
  10. Mouseflow – attention heatmaps, mouse tracking and video playback
  11. Clixpy – tracks users clicks and browsing
  12. Openhallway – lets you remotely record user test scenarios
  13. InspectLet – Usability testing/Heat Maps and screen capture
  14. UsersThink

Mobile Usability Testing/Heatmaps/Build Tools

  1. HeatData – heatmaps for Mobile website
  2. - Heatmaps for IOS apps
  3. TestFlight - IOS beta testing on the fly
  4. Elusivestars - mobile app testing for developers
  5. Testin - cross platform automated app testing solutions
  6. Pusher - hosted API for realtime mobile/web apps
  7. Corona - mobile development platform
  8. PerfectoMobile - mobile app testing
  9. MobiReady - testing tool evaluates website mobile-readiness
  10. GoMez - test your website for “mobile ready”
  11. Rigor - test/monitor performance of mobile apps/websites
  12. W3C Mobile OK - test your website for mobile
  13. Google Page Speed - test your mobile speed