Task: Sign-up Page


Build a sign-up page.

Your signup process should be simple, but not frictionless - because you want to filter out the people who are just curious from your real customers. Your signup process should also include fields that demonstrates your UVP - where you already start collecting information that can help you deliver the UVP. This will help you learn more about your early adopters. Make your signup forms clean, and don't clutter all the questions on 1 page.

Twitter Signup Page

Your signup page should have these basic features:

  • Registration Information
  • Email field
  • Name field
  • Password field + Password confirmation field

As you see below, many websites are now utilizing social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Pinterest to make it easier for users to log in, since they already have those accounts in place.

Another big advantage of using social logins is that with the user signing up using their social accounts, you also get some the users' access and data on those sites, so that you can use that data to providing a better experience with the user.