Task: Elevator Pitch

Required Question

If you only have​ 30 seconds, how would you pitch your idea to a customer or an investor?

You can write multiple pitches depending on how many kinds of buyer personas you may have. As an example, for StartitUp, we might want a default pitch, a pitch for startups, one for investors, and one for incubators.

And also remember, when you are having a conversation with someone, the point is to develop a relationship, not to pitch an idea. A relationship goes a long way, but a pitch ends after 30 seconds. So, try to have a 2-way conversation.

However, it is still good to prepare something great for the people who you are talking to.


A great pitch should have:

1. Passion. Lean forward, use your body language (not your voice) to show you are so passionate about your idea that you're about to explode. Use the power stance.

2. Introduce who you are and what is your company.

3. I help X to do Y.

4. Why: Tell them why they should care.

5. What: Explain in simple terms what the project is. Your UVP would be good.

6. How: Give some benefit examples on how you manage to deliver the solution.


Example: "Hi My name is Edward, and we're building Startitup, a platform to help startups build and grow. It is a step-by-step startup guide with actionable items that startups can follow to yield immediate results. The platform allows entrepreneurs to easily track their progress, share their progress, get the latest growth hacking tricks, or ask the integrated startup community for help."