Task: Always keep an open mind

Often times, people think they know who their customers are. But very often, you might actually have gotten the right problem or solution for the wrong audience, or vice versa. You could even be building a right solution but with the wrong key features. It can really go into details. 

Customer Development (see it on one diagram) is one of the most important sections because it pretty much minimizes the mistakes that can happen with your startup. This means that we have to get out there and really verify our assumptions. You need to find out everything about your customers, know their every day schedule, and understand exactly how you can solve their problems.

As Steve Blank says, "Get outside of the building."

The truth is out there.

So for this part, the most important takeaway is that to become a good entrepreneur, the most important thing is to listen and don't assume you have all the answers already, because the best entrepreneurs that you have heard of, do not assume anything. 

It's not a customer's job to tell you what to build, but they will tell you what they want.