Task: Describe your perfect customer

Required Question

Please describe your customer in detail. Write at least 2-3 types of customers, each on their own line.

Please be very specific. Describe the person's gender, height, hobbies, what he/she does for a living, etc. 

Example: His name is Alan. He's 34 years old. He loves staying up for video games and snacks. He likes dogs and loves ice cream. He spends a lot of time on Youtube. 

Your perfect customer
This is Alan

The reason to be specific is because by knowing who your perfect customers are, you can find other like-minded people based on this person's hobbies. You can check out the blogs that Alan reads (by searching for topics or categories on Technorati, and find out the blogs that cater to that audience. These blogs will then become your best marketing channels where you can not only get new customers but learn about them.