Task: Email Campaigns


Send out emails to your users every once in awhile to engage them (every week).

Customers love newsletters, but not the kinds that they see as spam. The best kind of emails are ones that are event based. Event emails have 50% open rates (normal emails have about 20% open rates). Event driven emails are basically emails that are tailored to a customer's preferences or profile. For example, birthday emails sent to the customer on the customer's birthday is one. Sending a customer that hasn't logged on for a long time is also one. Asking a user who's finished 50% of his/her profile to continue on the project is one. 

An example of an event email is:

1. "Thanks for signing up for StartitUp. The next step for you would be to start your project. Start a project now! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected]."

2. "Dearest John, we noticed that you were not uploading photos into your account. Please come back so that we can stop missing you!"

See here to learn more about event emails: http://www.bootstrappist.com/archives/the-rise-of-event-based-email-marketing/

Email newsletter tools you can use:

  1. Mailchimp - Manage your email campaigns through this awesome platform
  2. Clever Elements - Easy Newsletter Software
  3. Intercom.io Events triggered Newsletter Platform - e.g. reminding inactive users to come back
  4. Customer.io Events triggered Newsletter Platform - e.g. reminding inactive users to come back
  5. Best email Subject-lines
  6. Tout – email blast and mgmt software
  7. Constant Contact – email, event promotion, social campaigns
  8. Campaigner - email marketing suite
  9. Exact Target – social media and email marketing
  10. Mad Mimi – email blast software
  11. GroupVine – email marketing, community engagement, surveys
  12. Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)  - pretty cool
  13. Campaign Monitor – basic email software
  14. Emma – basic email marketing

Transactional Email

  1. Postmark - email blast and mgmt software for web apps
  2. Mailgun – mail server API’s for developers
  3. Postcron – schedule posts on Twitter or Facebook
  4. Mailjet – bulk and marketing email
  5. JangoMail - marketing and transactional email
  6. Silverpop - transactional email
  7. SendGrid - email blast software
  8. PostageApp – API for transactional emails

Email Testing

  • Litmus - email previews and email analytics