Task: Reddit Startups Section

Important Action

Go to reddit.com/r/startups and submit a link to your startup.

Reddit is a social news sharing platform that can easily bring you 100+ users on the day of your submission. The title of your submission should be the benefit that your service can bring to the customers.

We've confirmed that if you add "Show Reddit:" in front of your post, people will be more willing to test out your service.

StartitUp's Example: "Show Reddit: Build your startup and get funding in 60 days."

You have to put yourselves in your customers' shoes and think what they would care about the most - what is their motivation? what do they want to get done? Most headlines don't convert because they are thinking from their own point of view. After your submission, you will get feedback. While not all of them are constructive, be polite to reply to them and thank them for their help (regardless if they are helpful or not). The Reddit community appreciates entrepreneurs who are willing to learn.

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Copy and paste the link URL of your submission.