Task: Crowdfunding

We've only discussed some of the most popular ways to raise funding in this section. However, there are also other methods that have proven to be good for many startups. One of the ways is doing crowdfunding. this is a new term that just sprung up these couple of years. It's basically have the mass public fund your idea. It's just like pitching to investors, except your investors are now ~7 Billion people instead of a VC firm.

Crowdfunding platforms for businesses and entrepreneurs (in order of popularity):

  1. Fundable - Online funding platform for small businesses (recommended)
  2. Crowdfunder - Crowdfunding for business (recommended)
  3. WeFunder - Crowdfunding for startups (by investors) (recommended)
  4. Rock the Post - Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs (by investors) (recommended)
  5. FundingLaunchPad - Crowdfunding for Local businesses (recommended)
  6. Appsfunder - Good for mobile apps 
  7. Peerbackers - Leverages social media to help you raise funds through friends

Crowdfunding platforms for products (if that's whta you're building):

  1. KickStarter - For products and art
  2. indiegogo - Also more for products and art
  3. Quirky - For quirky inventors
  4. Rockethub - Crowdfunding for projects
  5. Crowdtilt - Group fund anything you love
  6. New Jelly - For artists

Other crowdfunding platform for other things - projects, non-profit, causes:

  1. Eppela - Crowd Funding based in Italy
  2. Start Some Good - For entrepreneurs trying to do some good. Non-profit and for-profit both