Stage: Get Customers While Building

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In this section:

1. We will suggest some customer acquisition methods while you build your product. In essence, what we want to do here, is to create content that our target customer would like to read about, and market them to the channels where they frequent. The goal is to establish you and your brand as an expert of your industry.

2. You will learn about a couple of great channels to start acquiring early adopters.

3. We will also give you some techniques to create content that both people and the search engines love.

4. Also, we'll introduce a great social marketing tool that will make your marketing so powerful and efficient.

Don't wait till you are done with your MVP before you start collecting your early adopters. If you have not created a demo page to collect emails, this is a perfect time to do so. A lot of startups struggle when they launch their MVP because they have not done anything before their launch to get their word out. All successful services nowdays do their customer development in parallel and make sure they get their word out even before they have even a line of code written for their product.

Again, Dropbox collected 75,000 emails before they had anything but a great video demo. See here to learn more about how they did it

So the trick here is to create a great demo page with all the information a customer would need to understand whether or not they would need your service. Make sure to include some screenshots and communicate with your prospect customers. In fact, the best demo page would be your eventual landing page. Therefore, once you've built your landing page, you should set it up with an email collecting field.