Task: Hacker News

Important Action

Go to Hacker News and submit your link.

Hacker News is THE destination for web entrepreneurs. The environment is considered to be very tech-geeky, and the general popular is quite bright.

The list of submitted news that you see on their first page are all voted by users. There is also a "new" tab page with all the new submissions. 99% of all the submissions do not make it to the front page.

Also like Reddit, you want to start your link's title with "Show HN: " So your title would be something like "Show HN: Start and build your startup in 60 days". This will just get you more feedback and early adopters.

To be able to get on the front page, you will need:

1. A great headline - put yourself in your customers' shoes and imagine what would excite them the most. What resonates with what they motivates them?

2. Obviously, a good service - Even if you can get them to visit your site, they won't vote on your story if they don't think it's a good one.

3. The right timing (when there are not that many submissions, but a lot of readers/voters) - check here to see when is a good timing to submit: http://hnpickup.appspot.com/ - The graph you want to see is the pickup ratio.

4. Good friends to help you upvote - Do not try to unvote from different accounts. Hacker News tracks where you are (IP), and discounts any duplicate votes made from the same area network.


Copy and paste the link URL of your submission.