Task: Ready to Launch?

Congratulations! You've gotten feedback from customers about the cornerstones of your service and have come up with action items to improve your product. However, at this point, we need to understand whether or not we should move forward or tweak our MVP so that we are sure that we do successfully deliver the UVP to our customers. 

Before you go ahead and launch to get users, we'd suggest to keep tweaking or pivoting until you have proven that your MVP does indeed work. The reason again is because before you validate your MVP, you shouldn't think about getting more users. If your MVP does not work as advertised, then the users that you get to your website will drop off after the first visit because they realized that you didn't deliver your UVP.

Therefore, there are 2 options now:

1. Your MVP doesn't have to be perfect, but it needs to work (take user through a full user cycle and they get a taste of the UVP delivered). If it at least "works" then you can soft launch it and get more feedback to grow it.

2. If your MVP doesn't deliver the UVP, then continue to tweak your MVP.

If you indeed have a great MVP and a solution that works, then you have successfully validated your solution qualitatively (on a micro scale). It's time to launch and get more early adopters so that we can validate our service quantitately (test it at a macro scale - with the mass public), to see if it's a good fit for the market that we have envisioned.

In the next section, we will give you tips and tools to get your first batch of early adopters who will not only help you improve your service more, but also help you evangelize your company.

Soft Launch Checklist:

1. If 80% of your early adopters are able to get through your whole usage cycle, then you are ready to launch.

2. Were you able to deliver your UVP.

3. Review your usability results frequently - so that you can keep tweaking and keep improving. Understand what part of the usage cycle are customers leaving the site. Make sure this is optimized.

4. Do the smallest thing possible - Don't go and just redesign your whole landing page. The point here is to make sure something "works well". It doesn't need to be perfect. Therefore, lets just tweak things for now.


Yes: Users are able to go through a whole usage cycle and my UVP is delivered. I should start growing users.

No: Users are not able to finish a full cycle and they don't think I have or am able to solve their problems. I should keep tweaking.