Task: Find Their G-Spot

Important Action

Now, if you don't already have a Google Adwords account, do sign up for one. This is not for advertising, but so that you can use their awesome Keywords Tool.

Required Question

Think of 5-10 keywords that your customers might type into Google to find websites that might help them. Input them each on their own line.

Examples: iphone 5, iphone 5 battery case, iphone 5 battery charger, iphone 5 battery pack, etc. 

Short-tails are harder to rank for, but it doesn't hurt to choose about 2 of those to target. It's best to use long-tail keywords for the rest.

There are short-tail keywords (1-2 words), and long-tail keywords (3-6).

Short-tail keywords are keywords that are very general.

Example: iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Startup Guide

Long-tail keywords are keywords that are more specific, and are easier to rank for because there's less competition.

Tip: Try adding some common words like – ‘best’, ‘free’, ‘cheap’, ‘top’ etc. along with your actual keyword and you might eventually get some good long tail keywords.

Example: Step-by-step Startup Guide, Startup Guides for noobies, Best way to start my business

What is SEO?

We are getting these keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is about optimizing your website for Google, so that the content on your website is written in a way that it can communicate with Google so that when someone searches for something that your website has the solution for, Google will see that your website is relevant and show your website's link in the search results. Therefore, when we talk about keywords, it's about communicating the "business" we want Google to think we're in.

Case Study: StartitUp's main keywords are "startup guide", "start an online business", "how to build a website", etc. When someone searches for "how to start an online business", Google will see that StartitUp is a relevant resource for the customer, and thus it will show StartitUp's website in the results. If a user searches for "how do I start a business", even though we didn't target the keyword directly, but since Google is smart, Google knows that we are in the same business as what the user is searching for - due to it being able to also see semantic keywords to your keywords.

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