Task: Related experience and skills

Required Question

Has any of the co-founder had experience in this industry?


Team Skills: Are there any experience or skills of the team that make it an unfair advantage against your competitors? Please enter them each on their own line.

Mark Zuckerberg didn't have any experience in the social network business, because it didn't really exist until the likes of Friendster, Myspace showed up. You don't need to be an industry expert, but you do need to have passion about the business.

Of course, having insight into the business DOES help you, but it could also make you biased. The takeaway here is that you might not have experience, but you should know the insights of the industry. Also, that's where Steve Blank's customer development and Ash Maurya's Problem/Solution and Product/Market fit come from - you can interview your customers to understand exactly what you need to build.