Task: Back-End Programming - Ruby on Rails

Enter Ruby on Rails. Ruby is the programming language, and Rails is the framework for it. A framework is basically another layer that changes the native behavior of the programming language it supports. It has a library of prewritten features that just saves you time from having to code them from scratch.

Ruby also has this thing called "Gem"s that are pre-installed features or functions that you can install as plug-ins on the fly, and immediate use. This makes it so cool because in the past, you would have to write the whole function from scratch. With Gems, you can basically just install a feature that someone has already written, and it'll get that feature working for you. 

Ruby on Rails has made it so easy to program a MVP quickly and get it out to the public to get it validated, within in a matter of weeks or even days. So basically, what you would do with RoR is that you could theoretically just install gems for all of the features that you will need, tie them together, design your page, and then you're ready to go.

Learn how to code in Ruby on Rails in 1 month:

Update: Mattan Griffel is actaully operating a educational platform to help people how to code in Rails: http://onemonthrails.com/

To learn by building something like Twitter (The best RoR tutorial online):


To install Rails:


Note: The best way to learn how to code is definitely not reading tutorial books. What you should do first is to skim through the tutorial above. You just need to learn the logic first. And then to really learn, the best way is by actually just getting down to do it. It's very daunting in the beginning, and trust me, you WILL struggle. However, at the end of it, you will come out a coder, and you will never regret any of the time you've spent on it. 

Having a mentor help you with parts you're stuck with is very helpful too, as it'd save you a lot of time to ask online or pull your hair out trying to figure it out.

Ruby Stuff

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  2. Sinatra - another Ruby framework

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