Task: Website Builders

There are also other services that could help you build up a website easily. The links are below. Most of those are not free, so if you'd like to get more convenience, you can consider these. otherwise check out the other open source options in the last task.

  1. Weebly – get a website up quickly with no tools
  2. Wix - free website builder
  3. Webs - Create a free website
  4. MoonFruit - Awesome website builder
  5. Squarespace - build an exceptional website
  6. Yola - get a website up quickly with no tools
  7. Easel.io - Design in your browser
  8. Edicy - Create a website
  9. Pagelines - build a website with WordPress
  10. Zozolo – start a website within Facebook
  11. GoogleSites - simple web host provider

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