Task: How to increase active users

Ways to increase active users:

1. Make sure your key features are easy to use, and actually does solve the problem. You can see where your users are dropping off in the process and you should then try to optimize the parts that are not doing so well.

2. Send event emails to ask them to come back if they have been inactive for a long time. Send emails to users who have started doing something but have not finished. Send interesting new content to users to remind them. Send emails to ask them for feedback. Update users on your new features.

3. Follow up with the interviewees or early adopters that you have interviewed during the MVP Interview in a precious chapter.

4. Onboard - Mentioned in the last section, the most important thing is to make sure that the user gets what he/she needs upon the first login. Once they see that their problem can be solved with your service, then they will definitely come back.

5. Make your platform humanly - Users feel warm inside and has a better impression of platforms that are humorous and seem more humanly. If you can get users to feel like they are interacting with a human being, then they're more likely to come back. Talk to them and make them feel at home. You wouldn't ditch a friend would you?


What is your strategy here? What is your plan to get them to keep coming back?