Task: Pages you will need to create

For your MVP, you must have these pages:

  • Main UVP feature pages - the pages that are needed for your main features. These are the inner pages that are required to perform the main functions of your solution.
  • Main landing page - the page the visitors arrive at when they come to your website
  • Signup page
  • Signin page
  • Contact page, or a dead simple way to reach you - super important
  • About page
  • Terms of service + Privacy policy pages
  • Tour page/Additional Information page (optional)
  • Pricing page (optional)

Not all websites are the same, so you might need to have more pages than what we've listed. When you think about the pages on your website, think about a route you want your customers to take. Each route should be created so that each page has a clear message and 1-2 call-to-actions that you want the user to take. The acquisition subfunnel below is an example of a customer's path when he/she arrives at your website.

Customer Funnel

From Running Lean by Ash Maurya