Task: Twitter

Important Action

Create a Twitter account.

Twitter is one of the most popular and most effective social marketing tools out there, so we want to start building up your followers list as soon as possible. The reason why Twitter is so useful is because it's a social network where you can have people follow what you are saying and where you can follow others to see what they are saying. So if you have 1000 followers, whatever you say will be heard by 1000 users.

While you might not have a lot of things to say about your service yet, create an account first, and start following people that are in your field as it takes a long time to get enough followers to make a difference.

When you follow them, they might follow you back. Remember to write a personal thank you message to them if they do follow you back - it goes a long way.

The rules to being a Twitter Master:

1. Tweet about content and other great content.

2. Promote yourself as less as possible.

3. 2 Tweets per day.

4. Retweet great content or people. This is a way to promote them and possibly queueing them for a return of favor too.

5. Always reply and say thanks to tweets that mention you.

6. Have a beautiful avatar logo, and be consistent. The goal here is to create brand image.

7. Use awesome tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to push stories to multiple platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) all at once, and also schedule your tweets for optimization (for most traffic).

8. Ask for the Retweet.  "Please RT!" or "Please Retweet" are both fine.

9. Follow your followers, and unfollow when they stop following you.

10. Favoriting other people's tweets can also increase the chance of them following you.

To learn about what you should do to be awesome on Twitter, read these: 

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What is your Twitter username? (example: startitupco)


Tweet your demo page's URL.


Tweet your blog entry or a link from somewhere else about something your target customers would be interested about.


2 Tweet per day. Either on updates on your services, or some content or link that your customers would like to read about. Retweets count too!