Task: Complete MVP in 1-2 months

Required Question

Can you finish this a MVP (minimum viable product) within 1-2 months?


An MVP is the first version of your product that only has the key features that will solve the #1 problem of your customers. It should not include any feature that has nothing to do with solving a user's problem. This is a core concept of the whole Lean Startup Methodology.

If you can't, is it because you don't have the technical resources to complete it, or maybe you just have too many unnecessary launch features? But don't worry, we'll recommend some tools for you to use to quickly deploy a simple version of your idea with little to none technical skills. In the later stages we'll also help you find out what features you need and don't need.

The reason why we mention 1-2 months because as an entrepreneur, you'll realize that it takes many trials and tweaks to actually create a successful business. A successful business is the result of repeated testing, and each test takes time.

Therefore, if you don't have the ability to build something quick, you probably also can't iterate quickly enough, then you will soon be lagging behind customer demand, which equals to customers leaving your service.

Alternatively, you can try to provide the services manually without a product.