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Stage: Start Building

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Start Building! 2 Minutes

Now that you have all the skills to build your MVP, it's time to start building! All projects are different. It depends on whether or not you are a programmer, or if you are building from scratch or using an existing solution like Wordpress.

1. Programmer + building from scratch = 1 month

2. Programmer + using an existing solution = 1-5 days

2. Beginner + building from scratch = >2 months

3. Beginner + using an existing solution = >2 weeks

If you still have problems about setting up your website or have problems developing your product, ask our community, use StackOverflow, or email Ed when you encounter some technical difficulties! We have an awesome community of entrepreneurs that will have the answers for your questions. The point is, always ask for help!

The next section will have instructions on building the mandatory pages that every startup needs to build. Lets start building!

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